Dress Code


It is the goal of the Victor Elementary School District to create an atmosphere promoting high student self-esteem.  Students shall dress and groom for all school activities with emphasis on neatness, safety, cleanliness, modesty, decency, and personal and public health.  Students shall dress in a manner that will not draw undue attention to themselves or cause a distraction to the learning environment.


2.  SAGGING OF PANTS IS NOT ALLOWED.  Pants must be worn at the natural waistline.  Belts must be worn with pants that are loose fitting, and belts cannot hang.

3.  SKIRTS AND SHORTS MUST BE OF APPROPRIATE LENGTH.  Skirt and shorts should be no shorter than your fingertips when you are standing straight with arms by your side. 

4.  SAFE FOOTWEAR MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Rubber thongs, flip-flops, or footwear that creates a safety or health hazard are not permitted.  Slippers, open toe shoes, open back shoes, sandals, steel toe shoes, bare feet, or shoes with “wheels” are not proper footwear at school.

5.  CLOTHING:  Symbols or accessories that suggest obscene gestures, and pictures or wording that are drug, alcohol, tobacco, or occult related are not permitted.  Clothing that promotes hate, intolerance, profanity, insignia, or names for controlled substances should not be worn.

6.  GANG-RELATED CLOTHING MAY VARY FROM MONTH TO MONTH.  No clothing or articles of clothing related to a group or gang, which may provoke others, or intimidate by fear of violence shall be worn on campus or to any school activity.

7.  JEWELRY AND CHAINS:  Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces or chains that may be considered a safety hazard or used as a weapon are not permitted.  Chains from wallets should not be worn.

8.  CLOTHING MUST BE MODEST IN APPEARANCE.  Clothing that is too tight, too revealing, or too loose to reveal the body (i.e. low cut) should not be worn.  Undergarments should not be showing.  Half shirts, open back, off the shoulder, bare midriffs, see through shirts, net shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, spandex, or swim wear are not allowed.

9.  GROOMING: Hair color must be of a natural hair color.  Appropriate grooming contributes to a productive learning environment.  The students’ hair or hairstyle must not present a health or safety hazard or distraction, which will interfere with the educational process.